Cyber Monday: What’s it Really About?


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A chip credit card. (Image Source/Zuma Press/TNS)

Gillian Corallo, Staff Writer

2015 has been a good year for Black Friday sales, and the Cyber Monday sales are just as good for the holidays.

Ranging from clothes to the newest technology, people are able to find the best sales all across the internet. Sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Groupon held sales all day on Monday that happened to roll over to Tuesday.

All of the most sought-after products were sold out within hours: 4k TVs, Xbox One and PS4 bundles, and even toy sets. According to Adobe data numbers, for every 100 product page views, 14 of those were out of stock and shoppers got an average discount of 21.5% off.

More sales will continue throughout the holiday season, and will only get better. If you plan on purchasing any gifts or even just some new things for yourself, take advantage of the sales that are to come through the rest of the year.