Sophomore Student of the Quarter: Shlaina Fleurisme

Emily Saba, Staff Writer

This month, administration announced the Students of the Quarter for the beginning of the year. Shlaina Fleurisme is the Secretary of the 10th grade class. Along with three other students, she was recognized for excellence in the first quarter.

“I did not know anything about [this award],” says Shlaina. “It felt great being recognized.”

As class Secretary Shlaina keeps record of what goes on in the school with her class. At meetings, she takes notes of what is discussed. Along with being secretary she contributes to the school by playing clarinet in the band.

Shlaina is a student with great ambition and drive for success. She hopes to go to the University of Miami because of its prestigious reputation. Career wise, Shlaina dreams of becoming an attorney.

“I love the idea of representing clients for a living,” she said.

To win this award she maintained good grades and paid attention in all of her classes. Her favorite subject is English, which leaves no wonder as to why Ms. Haber nominated her for this honor.