Be Pretty in Pink for Pink Shirt Day


Bonnie Praphatphong , Staff Writer

Be sure to wear pink on Wednesday, February 24th for Pink Shirt Day to support bully prevention.

Pink Shirt Day will be making a big splash at Santaluces for bullying prevention. An administrator will be participating and each participant will get two chances to dunk Mr.Ramos in a dunk tank for the day.

Get the chance to dunk a dean, all in good fun to not only to make a big splash in Mr. Ramos’s day, but make big waves in supporting bully prevention across the county.

How to Dunk a Dean:

According to the flier, “In the next few weeks, have a school staff member witness you performing each of the kind deeds on the Waves of Kindness checklist below. Ask that staff member initial in the box next to the kind deed he/she saw you perform on the Pink Shirt Day Kindness Checklist.”

  • Say “Thank you” to three teachers or staff members
  • Smile and hold the door (let at least five people walk through)
  • Pick up a piece of trash and throw it away or put in the recycling bin
  • Smile and say “Good morning” to two teachers
  • Genuinely flatter someone’s work or skills
  • Encouragingly cheer on another student! Be supportive!
  • Take time to help another student
  • Do any type of kind deed
  • Optional: Tweet a picture of your completed checklist to to help Santaluces get nominated as the kindest high school in Palm Beach County.

Pink fliers with the “Waves of Kindness” checklist will be distributed throughout the school. First period teachers should hand out pink fliers to students or students can ask any teacher for one.