The Debate Team Places at the Ethics Bowl


Emily Saba, Staff Writer

On Saturday, a team of five debate students competed in the Ethics Bowl at PBSC. They placed third out of 14 teams, right behind Oxbridge Academy and Atlantic High.

The Ethics Bowl is a team competition in which the students are given 15 “cases” of debatable topics, and they have to argue whether they are ethical and or moral. The goal is to have a better argument than the other teams. One of the topics spoken about was whether the age of 16 is too young to vote.

The team, composed of Alex Padilla, Clayton Buckner, Sireen Hilo, Alex Mehner, and Aubrey Dale, made their mark from the beginning of the event. With an abundance of teamwork, they found their way to the top of the ranks within the first round.

“After we won the first round we felt really confident,” said Hilo, a sophomore. “It paved the way for the rest of the competition.”

This is the fourth year the Chiefs have attended the competition. Two years ago, they took home fourth place, but broke their record this year placing the highest they ever have.

“This was my second year, and I feel that it was a much better experience,” says Junior Alex Padilla. “I was really proud about the way we worked together.”