Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Win Florida

The End of The Road for Marco Rubio



GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio says goodbye to supporters as he suspends his campaign following the Florida primary, at Florida International University's Arena in Miami, on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. (Patrick Farrell/Miami Herald/TNS)

Matthew Leto, Staff Writer


Donald Trump was the big winner on the Republican ticket on Tuesday, winning Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. Missouri is still too close to call between Trump and Ted Cruz.

John Kasich will likely stay in the race, after a crucial victory in his winner take all, home state of Ohio.

The end has come for Marco Rubio’s campaign however. After a disappointing night on March 15, Rubio announced in front of his supporters that he would suspend his presidential campaign.

The suspension of Rubio’s campaign came after being dominated in his home state of Florida by Republican front runner Donald Trump. Supporters of Rubio booed as Donald Trump was announced the victor.

During his address, Rubio touched on the scrutiny the Republican establishment had towards him. Rubio, a first time Senator said he was told, “you are too young, wait your turn.” Rubio had a strong run and will likely be a future candidate for the Republican party in years to come.


Hillary Clinton dominated on Tuesday, winning Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and had a slight lead in Missouri that was still too close to call over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

It was a rough night for Senator Bernie Sanders, coming out with no victories Tuesday, as it currently stands. Clinton is continuing to prevail in primaries, and Sanders is falling farther beyond as the Democrat convention nears.