Apple Releases the iPhone 6se


Jennifer Corriolan

iPhone 6s plus compared to the iPhone 5s

Jennifer Corriolan , Staff Writer

When the iPhone 6 series (6 plus, 6s, 6s plus) came out many people complained about the phone being too large.

Besides the size, many changes in technology were made such as a better camera, moving pictures and 3D touch. The iPhone 6 screen was 4.7 inches compared to the four inches that the five was. The 6 plus was even larger at a whopping 5.5 inches. The new iPhone was clearly a jump in size from the iPhone 5 series.

Many people sacrificed being able to have better technology to be able to keep the size.

“I still have the 5s,” said Nicolette Harrison “My best friend has the 6 and I really like the technology, but I like the comfortable size of the 5s.”

Now Nicolette and others like her can have the best of both worlds.  In mid-March, Apple put out iPhone 6se, which is basically an iPhone 6 mini. This phone is intended to appeal to users who would rather have a smaller phone, but one with more advanced technology.

The iPhone 6se is also much cheaper than the other phones in the 6 series. It is about $500.00 compared to the $700+ that would be spent on the other phones in the 6 series.

The release of this phone does not push back the release of the anticipated iPhone 7 which is expected to come out later in 2016.