Is The Fair Safe?

Kayla Restivo, Staff Writer

On the 9th, a worker at the South Florida fair Grounds was electrocuted and died while setting up a ride. He was on a fork lift when he hit some power lines.

These rides have broken down with people on them or they just don’t work at all. The food gives people upset stomachs and the game workers like to be creepy and try you with rude insults. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fair, but if you actually think about it the fair is dirty and scary. Regardless, we all go and spend money and time there every year.

Theres been a history of strong gang activity at the fair with stabbings and shootings taking place but yet people still go. While there is a lot of police officers and security personnel, bad things still seem to happen.

Corporal  Johnson, the criminal justice teacher here at Santaluces says this year at the fair will be the most dangerous due to the spike of gang violence in the area. He says that if you are going to the fair to go during the day and to report any suspicious activity. See something, say something.