Chiefs Adopt Class for Valentine’s Day


Olivia Moore, Managing Editor

Walking through the student parking lot, across the baseball fields, over the bridge, and down the sidewalk to Starlight Cove Elementary, about 30 of Mrs. Schroader’s students paid a visit to two kindergarten classes. With them, they brought toys, candy, and cards for students who might not have received anything on this holiday. Mrs. Schroader came up with the idea in her English and Debate classes when she wanted to do something for the upcoming holiday in order to give back to the less fortunate.

Starlight Cove principal, former Santaluces Assistant Principal Mrs. Hayden, offered Mrs. Schroader two kindergarten classes to adopt for Valentine’s Day.

“I know how awesome it feels to give to others, and I wanted to give my students an opportunity to feel this feeling,” said Mrs. Schroader. “I think a lot of lives were changed that day. My students walked away with a sensitivity to others and maybe even learned that a small act of kindness can really change a person.”

Each of the 38 kindergarten students were “adopted” by a student who then went out and collected candy and gifts for each individual child. Within each gift contained a handwritten card for each child wishing them a good day full of candy and fun.

“My experience at the elementary school was eye opening because I saw the poverty these kids face and how sweet they all were for what we did,” said senior Katie Darcy.

Not only did each of the 38 children get adopted by someone, other students took the extra step to bring in food and extra gifts, even though they couldn’t attend the trip.

“Giving back to the kindergarteners at Starlight Cove was an amazing experience,” said junior Cristi Perez. “I wish I could have gone to see their faces myself. Next year, I’ll definitely go.”