Key Club’s Thirst Project

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Head to the track and earn community service hours Tuesday when Key Club hosts a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for the Thirst Project. The organization raises money for communities that do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. There will be snacks and beverages that they will be selling as participants walk around the track. You can bring your friends and have them participate for a great cause.

Access to clean and safe water is vital for survival as it is a basic necessity in our daily lives. There are more than 663 million people who do not have access to safe water, according to the World Health Organization. That is what the Thirst Project is all about: bringing safe drinking water to communities around the world to save lives. The Key Club has joined the effort to help this organization.

During one of the meetings, Key Club President Aubrey Dale brought up the Thirst Project for discussion. Aubrey wanted to raise money for this cause through the help of not only the Key Club members, but also the entire student body.

The project is centered on a small country in South Africa – Swaziland. This small country is in desperate need of access to safe water. The people, especially kids, suffer severely from waterborne diseases and other diseases such as AIDS and HIV. Due to the lack of clean water, kids die every twenty-one seconds.

“The thirst project is a great program to help raise funds in places like Africa to help those who do not have clean water,” said club adviser Ms. Gleason. “Our goal is that by next year we will have (raised enough money for) a well dedicated to Santaluces High School.”