Aubrey Dale: An Aspiring Surgeon


Olivia Moore

Aubrey Dale is a junior in high school and has already achieved more and experienced more than a typical seventeen year old.

Being number two in her class, she has earned a 4.0 GPA and other leadership positions during high school. She is currently president of the school’s Key Club and holds membership in the school’s National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and the A Team.

However, like others, she has had her troubles and bumps in the road. During the middle of her junior year she battled with health issues that left her out of school for weeks at a time. While sick and in and out of the doctor’s office, Dale only continued to strive to keep her goal of straight A’s and overall rank, which ended up being her greatest accomplishment.

“Although these things have been quite difficult, I have been able to push through and continue to keep my grades up,” said Dale.

Dale plans on pursuing a career in the medical field as she wants to becoming a surgeon. She is currently an intern at Bethesda Hospital and has spent her high school career being hands-on and gaining experience in the field. She describes the passion she has for wanting to help people, especially seeing surgeries at work and how much it can change a person’s life. She wishes to extend beyond the walls of the hospital and branch out to working with people across the world and join Doctors Without Borders, an organization aimed towards helping those in developing countries.

“Working with people in countries that have issues like poverty, war conflict, and poor heath care, is something that I think is important and I want to be a part of,” said Dale.

The salary that comes along with this profession doesn’t matter to her, but being able to care for people that are struggling is her primary goal in life. Dale said her dreams to help others stems from a woman who has inspired her the most: Hillary Clinton. Clinton has dedicated her life to serving children and women, and this is the main aspect that drew Dale to her.

“I find that very inspiring because I want to dedicate my life to service and helping those in need,” said Dale.