New Student Parking System


The Criminal Justice Academy brought a new color-coded system of organization to the student parking lot. They took time off of their Thanksgiving and Winter Break vacations to get the work done. There were four sessions with 20 academy members at each.

Various signs are displayed in the entrance of the parking lot. These signs serve as guidance to help understand where to park. School staff, students, and visitors each have their own section.

Staff parking: Any white parking spot

Students: Any black parking spot (must have gold decal)

Consequences will be enforced on those who don’t follow the rules. It starts off as a warning as of today but can go as far as being kicked off of campus. The major consequence having your car booted with a $50 charge to set it free.

According to the academy, this system is still under construction with a few finishing paint touches left.

Nobody is officially checking the parking spots, but random students from the academy will go out and check all of the spots throughout the school day to make sure everyone is in the right place.

“It was a good experience to go out and do something for the school,” said Sophomore Brandon Keough, one of the academy volunteers. He went to all four sessions and received community service hours.

The academy is planning to spread the news by making announcements and making more signs.

Students with Senior Privilege: ONLY red parking spot

Visitors: Any yellow parking spots