Mr. Gray is a Life Changer

Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

AP Psychology students’ favorite teacher Mr. Gray, has been nominated for the Life Changer of the Year award.

Life Changer of the Year is an annual program that recognizes teachers across the country who are making a significant difference in the lives of students by demonstrating excellence, positive influence and leadership.

With being nominated, Mr. Gray has to prove to the organization what a wonderful teacher and co-worker he has been. If he wins, the prize is $10,000. He would receive half of the money, and Santaluces would receive the other half.

As great as it sounds, he needs the Chiefs’ help. He needs all Chiefs to go to the following website and write a comment about him:

Another way to help him win is to post any picture you may have of him on social media, using the hashtag #LCOY.

After all he has done for his students and the school, many students and teachers believe he deserves to win this award; be a part of the path that lets everybody see what an amazing person he is.