The Anonymous Op-Ed Shaking The Nation


Alicia DeMar, Staff writer

On September 9th an anonymous article appeared in the opinion section of The New York Times. An article claiming to be a senior official in the Trump administration. An article making a promise to change the current administration for the better, for the people. An article titled, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

The mysterious writer of the article bashes Trump calling his leadership style “impetuous”. The purpose of the article can be argued but the writer seems to stress that he (or she) is making it known that there is a group in the administration who is going to their best to end his “more misguided impulses until he is out of office.”

With the writer’s identity unknown, theories as to who this mysterious rebel in the Trump Administration is have began circulating. Some theories include:

Kellyanne Conway: Being the counselor to the president, Conway has come to Trump’s defense almost always until recently. Her silence on Trump alone is suspicious enough to put her in this list of theories but the fact that her husband is an avid Trump critic on Twitter sets her apart.

Mike PenceOne way to catch an anonymous writer in their tracks is to compare writing styles and word choice with the suspects. Among the many phrasing and word choices in the article, the word “lodestar” stood out. Many noticed that this odd word choice has been used a multitude of times by none other than Vice President Mike Pence.

Jared Kushner: As the son-in-law and senior adviser to the president, Kushner seems unlikely to be the anti-Trump writer. But, his past puts him in the theorists fire as he was previously a Democrat.

Melania Trump: This one seems extremely unlikely but the animosity of the article leaves room for some humorous theories. With Trump’s alleged affairs circulating, who knows what Melania would do.