Dunkin’, It’s Just Dunkin’


Bianney Perales, Editor

Dunkin’ Donuts, America runs on it. Our beloved fuel source announced on Tuesday the 25th that it will just be Dunkin’ starting January 2019. Doing things out of the ordinary with their title isn’t new however. When the first coffeeshop opened in 1950, William Rosenburg (Dunkin’s Founder) chose to spell doughnut as donut. The possible misspelling was added into the dictionary and made a new norm since then.

The controversy is whether or not the change is a good one. The adult population around the age of 35 and above mostly agree that it shouldn’t change. While younger generations disagree and believe that the change in name would be convenient. The same way that students shorten Santaluces to Santa, most students refer to Dunkin’ Donuts as Dunkin’ anyway. The change may also represent that the chain has grown in its menu options and it does not only cater doughnuts and coffee.

There were advances in this change back in 2017. About 30 Dunkin’ Donuts locations were changed to Dunkin’, under the radar, in Boston. Only a few tweets acknowledged the slightly more modern title and remodeled locations.

Compared to the “IHOB” scandalous publicity stunt, Dunkin’s name change is not as drastic as it seems. As long as people are still getting coffee in the morning, the name is only irrelevant. America runs on Dunkin’.

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