Google Upgrades Santaluces Classrooms


Madison Elia


Madison Elia, Co-Editor

Eyes began to widen, mouths dropped to the floor and smiles from ear to ear were what was seen across most of the staffs faces last week as the first shipment of twenty, 75″ inch SmartBoards were delivered to Santaluces High. Could this be the beginning of  new technological upgrades for Santaluces?

Over the years we have seen many changes to the way technology is incorporated into schools and how it becomes an aid to teachers and their lesson plans. The SmartBoards are interactive, visible to the eye with 4k resoulution, easy to write on screen, and accesible access to the internet; how could everyone not appreciate this advancement to technolgy and schools classrooms?

White boards, projectors, projector screens, doc cameras and even computers themselves look as though they could be dissapering in future years. This could hopefully be an upgrade for the better, especially for the school. From the money spent on repairing parts for to the overflowing amount of non working equipment that is stuffed into rooms.

Teachers that are Google Certified were  awarded with these SmartBoards. It is not easy to become Google certified. Those who are certified needed to go through trainings to get their own set of Chromebooks and become titled a Trailblazer teacher. Those that had completed the course were then allowed to go to another set of trainings to learn about the new SmartBoards. Soon many became certified to operate the brand new SmartBoards and were  given a chance to incorparate the board into their daily classroom activities.

Principal Robison excitingly went door to door to hand deliver these new editions to the classrooms. She allowed for the teachers to recieve a round of applause from their class to congragulate and recognize their hardwork gone into the trainings needed to complete the courses in order to become a Google certified teacher and SmartBoard expertise.

 English and SGA teacher Ms.Matuella showing off her SmartBoard.

Aice English and General Papers teacher Ms.Franco giving a proud thumbs-up.