Relay for Life: Hope for the Future


Ethan Jayne

Students sitting on the big chair at Relay for Life

Ethan Jayne, Staff Writer

As Relay for Life comes to a close this school year, students reflect on the change they have made within their own community.

Santaluces as a team raised over $1000 dollars again this year. Activities ran by the clubs of Santaluces helped create change and raise money. The Mr. Relay pageant created applause that drew in over $100. By participating in this event, students are not only raising money for the American Cancer Society, but also making a change in their community.

“I feel it changed the community because it made the community aware of what cancer does to people and their families,” said Madison Morley, reflecting on how Relay helps the community. “It made the community aware when there were so many bags with candles lit up. Our community came together and raised money for a cause so we can beat cancer and no one has to suffer from it ever again.”

Within our school, Santaluces students yearn for the opportunity to help in any way possible. They believe there is hope that lies within the future.

The goal of Relay for Life is to create hope. Hope that can be used to finally beat cancer. And hope that can be used for the common good of all. This hope is the fighting spirit that lies on the Relay for Life track.

As Santaluces students left the track, they knew they have made a difference in this world, and by raising over $1000 as a team, it truly shows the spirit and hopefulness that lies within the Santaluces student body.

The closing ceremony of the ceremony may reflect the end go the night, but as for the fight its far from over. Students need and will continue the fight to defeat cancer once and for all. With our students, survivors, and the community coming together for this event, it truly shows the hope that lies within the future.