Mr. Gray AICE Psychology Class try out their own version of Pavlov’s Classic Experiment


Selena Avilla

Junior Louckens Philippe helping Mr. Gray demonstrate Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning Theory.

Selena Avilla, Staff Writer

In class, Mr. Gray’s fourth period is learning about Bandura’s social learning theory experiment. Along with Bandura, Pavlov also did a similar study on learning behaviors, but instead of social learning, he studied classical conditioning with dogs.

When a dog has food in its mouth, it will start to salivate. If they are stimulated when given food a few times, the dog will then register that stimulant with food and begin to salivate. To give the students a better understanding of the experiment, he had Junior Louckens Philippe and Senior Sofia Ramirez participate in the revised experiment to demonstrate what was done in the study.