Mr. Gray Keeps AICE Psych Students on their Toes


Selena Avilla

Junior Louckens Philippe test out Mr. Gray tightrope activity.

Selena Avilla, Staff Writer

It is important to change things up, especially for young adolescents. Mr. Gray certainly knows all about this. He has his students participate in collaborative challenges with each other to switch things up in the class. This week’s challenge was to see who can walk across a tight-trope and how many people were willingly to participate.

The more people that volunteered by themselves inspired others to participate as well. This can be linked to Piliavin et al 1969. Would people’s actions affect them? Did students participate because they just wanted to or was it because they saw more people do it and don’t want to be an outlier? This is life for most High School students and can teach them a valuable lesson.

Nonetheless, Mr. Gray’s students had lots of fun and the collaborative challenge was a success.