Bowling Chiefs Have Winning Season


As the season comes to an end for the bowling chiefs, we can say that we’ve had a great season. Going almost undefeated this season, we’re off to states the first week of November.

The girls team consists of me, Jaymee Norris, senior, Kimberly Napier, junior, Jackie Rook, sophomore, Noel Brown, freshman, and Makayla Riley, freshman from G-Star School of the Arts who is bowling with us because that school doesn’t have any sports teams. As team captain, along with Jaymee Norris as co-captain, our team has been pretty solid the whole season.

Our first match of the season, we bowled against West Boca Raton High School, winning all 9 of our points. Hyped up for our next match the following Monday against the 2012 Florida States Champions, Park Vista, we were ready for just about any challenge they sent in our way.  We bowled our hearts out that match, coming short 15 pins the first game, even with my near perfect game of 290. Park Vista had a five person total of 845, while the Chiefs had a five person total of 830. We weren’t going to let that get us down. The remaining eight matches, we went undefeated, ending in second place for the season.

Last week the lady chiefs bowled in the Palm Beach County High School Bowling Championships. Although we didn’t bowl our best, we placed second once again right behind Park Vista. With that, we returned on Tuesday for the second day to try to win the title of Palm Beach County Bowling Champions. We first bowled the lady Warriors of Jupiter High School, who defeated us, knocking us down into the loser brackets. We then moved on to bowl the lady Panthers of Dwyer, defeating them and giving us a second chance to claim the title. After that win, we had to bowl the Warriors once again. They won by one pin, giving us the third place title.

After a tough time at the County Championships, we will be going to the south conference districts next week. Even though we pretty much are guaranteed states in two weeks, we aren’t going in with cocky attitudes.

“It’s been a great season,” said senior, Jaymee Norris “Everyone who was on the team last year has improved.”

Norris’ average has improved about ten pins from last year.

“As a senior this year, bowling is going to be the one thing I’m going to miss the most because of the great friends I’ve made,” she said.

As we got a new coach this year he didn’t really know what to expect.

“I had a great time. Going into the season I thought it would be an easy sport to supervise,” Coach T said. He didn’t think supervising would eventually turn into coaching.

“My girls team was great. I didn’t know how intense bowling could be until we got to the County Tournament,” said Coach T. “I really can’t wait for states in a couple of weeks. The girls will do great.”