“We Want Refunds!”

“We Want Refunds!” is what echoed throughout the arena in Pittsburgh after what the WWE would call their “Main Event” during the Royal Rumble PPV. During the highly anticipated Cena vs Orton fight the crowd decided that they’ve had enough.

Over the course of the match the fans tried to voice their opinions by chanting various things: “This is awful”, “This is boring”, and “We want Diva’s” were among the ones’s that could be called “PG” approved. Even though the two performers tried to spice things up, they couldn’t change what the WWE Universe had already stated.

Even though the crowd preferred a diva’s match over the “Highly anticipated” championship one,  sadly there were no Diva’s scheduled to fight at this event. Which made matters even worse because naturally every PPV has at least one Diva’s match.

This wasn’t the only match that got that reaction, the Royal Rumble also received almost the same response. With the number of surprise entrants, returning superstars and high impact action, you’d think this would have all the elements to really turn the PPV around.

As the last man was about the enter the deafening chants of “YES!” slowly  filled the arena, these chants were directed towards one man, Daniel Bryan.  The man who has taken the WWE by storm was the only man the Universe wanted that night, to the disappointment of the fans, Rey Mysterio entered at number 30.  The boo’s were so loud that the announcers were forced to stop commentating on the event until the chants had lowered.

The returning superstar, Dave Batista who had returned a week before the event ended up winning the Royal Rumble.  Again the crowd of Pittsburgh made their voices heard, another round of boo’s filled the arena.  Even though this was supposed to be one of the most exciting PPV’s of 2014, it proved to be the exact opposite many Hall of Famers who had tons to say about the event.

“Does WWE hate their audience?..” Said well known in-ring performer Mick Foley “..I am disgusted by this PPV”

This tweet and many more lit the twitter world on fire, overshadowing the Grammys and many other entertainment events, we all await the WWE’s response to the issue(if you want to call it that) and how are they going to fix it.