The Streak Has Ended


As the final bell rings throughout the arena, the crowd is silent and no one dares to say a word. As the victor’s theme music echoes throughout the arena, the crowd focuses their attention to the loser, The Undertaker.  For 22 years, The Undertaker has had the most impressive streak of all time, being 21-0 at Wrestlemania, an annual event hosted by WWE. The twitter world erupted at the sight that was in the ring; The Undertaker laid flat on his back and could barely stand with his own power.

The hashtag, “#ThankYouTaker,” trended instantaneously, people left their heartfelt comments and appreciation for the legend to see, showing their support.

@TheSheild561 said, “I grew up watching him as a kid, in my opinion it was something that felt like it was unreal, and unbeatable.  It added to his character, and I’ll never forget the excitement and the thrill he’s provided over the years. #ThankYouTaker.”

Now that the streak has been conquered, everyone turns their attention to Brock Lesnar, whether it was “Best for business” or what the Phenom wanted, everyone has the same question on their mind: Why?