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Track Tips to Know

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Don Darius
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It’s finally here…The best time of the year: track season. Starting January 9th, track conditioning will be held at 3 pm sharp for our fellow Chiefs. Make sure to complete your athletic packet before attending conditioning because if it’s uncompleted, sadly you will be sent home! On that note, here are some tips and things you should know for any beginner looking to get into track or any former runner returning to this glorious sport.

The biggest mistake most people make when attempting to run track is not hydrating enough. When I say hydrate, I don’t mean drink plenty of juice, soda, or energy drinks; what I mean is drink water. You should be drinking around 3.2 ounces of water daily. Water helps keep your body temperatures and joints operating smoothly decreasing chances of leg cramps as your leg is essential in a sport where you constantly run. Remember, a properly hydrated person will always perform better compared to a person who is not hydrated enough.

2. Wear something comfortable
Listen, there is no need to rush to TikTok or Instagram to find out what shoes or clothes are the most trendy right now for track. As a beginner, you don’t want to be that person with all the track fashion but cannot perform at the expectations assumed. What you should focus on is finding something that’s comfortable and efficient. You can go to your local Dicks Sporting Goods or any shoe store and find a decent pair of running shoes, track spikes, pants, and a shirt, particularly a dry-fit shirt that is comfortable to move in without putting a strain on your wallet.

3. Stretch It Out
When you’re constantly running, you’re putting a great amount of tension on your joints. You want to keep your joints healthy and able to perform at peak performance. So, before running, you should always have a quick stretch session. Now listen, you don’t need 30 minutes of performing stretch exercises. A good 5-10 min stretching session is more than enough; stretching allows your body to warm up and prepare for the load it’s about to experience.

4. Stay strong
While half of the battle is performing these runs at a quick time, the other half of the battle is your mental strength. There will be times when you think you not improving or you feel like you can’t keep going, and that’s okay; as long as you decide not to give up and keep pushing, that’s all that matters. Track is a mental game; the one who is disciplined and consistent no matter the event they come upon will see better results compared to the one who gives up at the sight of an inconvenience.

5. Have fun!
We all want to win and be the best of the best, and that’s understandable. It’s human nature. However, memories can never be recreated in the exact same way. So take a breath and enjoy the moments you experience; the memories you experience now will always be remembered by you throughout the years, so make the best out of them. Get to enjoy your surroundings, your teammates and coaches, and the thrill of being able to run.

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Don Darius, Staff Writer
My name is Don. I like sports and enjoy watching football. My goal is to get a career as a Software Engineer.

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