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Is the Super Bowl Rigged?

Damion Nosistel
Picture of a football game at the Cotton bowl stadium in Dallas, Texas

The Super Bowl is an event where the two best teams from the AFC and NFC come together for a final game to see who is the best of them all. But for some years, there have been many conspiracy theories that it is rigged.

Beginning in 2021, people have analyzed the logo and realized that the colors have been corresponding with the teams playing in that game. It began with Super Bowl LVI having an orange and yellow-themed logo. “Coincidentally,” the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams played.

There is also another theory that whichever color was on the bottom would win. Again proving theories right, The LA Rams won the game. Next year, the logo colors were a teal and red color scheme and again the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles played. Just like the year before, the Chiefs color was on the bottom and they won the Super Bowl which just continued to fuel the conspiracies.

This year the Super Bowl logo had a purple and red color scheme and people are believing that it will be the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams have made it to the final sections in the playoffs but it all depends on who wins. But for some reason, the NFL decided to change the logo this year. Is it just to throw us off or is it new predictions, or maybe it’s not rigged at all?

The Ravens go against the Chiefs on January 28th. Based on the way they have been playing this season, the Ravens have a 64% win chance but the Chiefs with their 35% win chance still have a chance. On the same day, the Lions will vs the 49ers, and with a 73% win chance, the 49ers are predicted to win. Sadly, this year the theories were wrong. The 49ers still made it but the Ravens could not live up to people’s hopes. They lost 17-10. Although they lost Lamar, they still put on a great show. Maybe next year the conspiracies will continue, we will just have to wait and see.

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Damion Nosistel
Damion Nosistel, Staff Writer
Hey, my name is Damion I am a Freshman at Santaluces. I love playing sports especially football or any activity that involves being outside. I am excited to work in the sports section and participate in all the tasks that come with it.

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