Winter Break is Near

Emily Saba

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School will be out for Winter break on December 18th. Before students prepare to kick back and relax, semester exams should be on everyone’s mind.

To ensure a stress-free test week, it’s important to keep studying. Simply looking over school work and notes from the start of the year can refresh your knowledge of the subject. If you are looking for some more help, ask a teacher for study guides or extra tutoring to get better prepared for the exam.

“The more you review, and the more you remember, the more confident you will be,” said Ms. Sheridan about studying.

It’s important to finish the semester strong. Exams can either make or break your grade, and it is all too common for students doing well in their classes to think they are not important. With the excitement of the holidays in the air and Winter break around the corner, it is easy to fall to distraction, so keep up the hard work.

If you are interested in estimating your final grade, use the chart shown to see what grade you should strive for in your exam.

Midterms will begin Tuesday, December 15th with the 2nd period exam. The following three days will end at 11 AM, with exams for periods 1 and 5 on Wednesday, 4 and 6 on Thursday, and  3 and 7 on Friday.