Art Show Preview

The 8th annual Santaluces Art Show will be held April 12th in the 4000 building. All of the art teachers are preparing to ensure yet another successful show. Admission costs $5 to enter if you are not a student, beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at about 8 p.m. The money raised benefits the Visual Arts Academy.

Photo teacher Ms. Ardner has been involved in all eight art shows and believes this year will be the biggest one yet. She has worked extremely hard in her advanced placement photo class, to gear up for an excellent presentation for this year’s Art Show.

“We are working on several commercial ideas to promote this year’s Art Show,” Ms. Ardner said. “The kids are working extremely hard on their AP displays.”

“My concentration for AP photo is Idioms,” Junior Isabella Young said. ” So I plan on using the best Idioms I have taken so far, and will take joy in watching people guess what they think the photo means.”

This year’s art show will be Mr. Badome’s 8th art show here at Santaluces. His visual technology students will be focusing on new displays for this years show.

“I have had my students working very hard on their projects,” Mr. Badome said. “Right now they’re putting their finishing touches on the projects and then transferring those to a display.”

Senior Adrian Gutierrez is planning on doing two different ideas this year because he wants to incorporate a lights video and the Greek gods.

“Doing the Greek gods is one of our bible challenges,” Gutierrez said. “We have to compete against our partners to see who designs the better Greek gods and the attendees will vote on the winner.”

This year’s art show will be the first for Mr. Johnson at Santaluces. The draw and paint class has been preparing by working relentlessly on sketches and drawings for this years art show.

“I am giving my student free reign to be as creative as they can be,” Mr. Johnson said. “they will be prepared to show them off, when the art show arrives.”

Senior Maria Martinez, who has been in drawing for four years, plans on doing her unique sketches because she hopes to inspire people with the variety of different sketches.

“I’m going to submit my sketches for the art show,” Martinez said. “I hope to inspire everyone that views my work at the art show.”

This year’s art show will also be the first for the digital design teacher Dr. Francis, whose students will be focusing on three themes: Beautifully disturbing, karma, and smoke. They all will communicate or convey what is wrong with today’s society.

“The students will be selecting a series of pieces for each of the three themes,” Francis said. “The pieces will highlight today’s society and hopefully students will enjoy the pieces at the Art Show.”

Junior Robert Jans, a student in digital design will be portraying colors because he wants to standout from his fellow classmates.

“I plan on doing a collection of photographs,” said Jans. “I want the color in these collections of photographs to standout.”

This year’s Art Show is a can’t miss, so be sure to come out and support the visual art academy.