COS: Kaya Louis

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COS: Kaya Louis

Alayna Reddick, Staff Writer

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Kaya Louis is an outstanding member of the junior class, with her vivid sense of humor and personality she brings joy to those around her. She is a lover of Hamilton and sleep alike, with many diverse interests.

Grade: 11

Age: 16

What do you participate in here at Santaluces?

SGA, NHS, and Vice President of the junior class. “And I am definitely a procrastinator.”

What are your favorite things to do outside of school?

“My favorite thing to do outside of school is eat and going to school events, especially homecoming once it rolls around. I also love hanging out with some of my friends like Sabrina and Kailyn.”

What has been your best experience at Santaluces and why?

“My favorite experiences at Santaluces were the LTM days I had my freshman year. I loved waking up late and the fact that it felt like you were leaving early. My eye bags were gone!”







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