Alicia DeMar

For the past ten years or so it has been a tradition for my family and I to go to Walt Disney World over spring break. Since I was a little kid Disney World has been one of my favorite places to vacation because of the enthusiastic nature of the place. This spring break I am doing a few things that I have yet to do at Disney.

On this three day trip I plan on going to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs. We are first going to Magic Kingdom which is honestly the most overwhelming park to go to despite the exciting features to it including the rides and the food. Then we are going to Disney Springs to shop and make custom cakes at Amorettes which is a fancy bakery at Disney Springs. The most exciting thing about this trip is going to Disney After Dark at Hollywood Studios. This is one of Disney’s new experiences where the parks are open only for a select amount of people who bought the after dark tickets. Being able to roam the parks with hardly any people in them seems like a dream for anyone who has been to Disney because the parks are constantly packed.

Alicia DeMar
A spring break tradition, I to go to Disney World.

Besides the parks, I am also looking forward to staying at the Contemporary Resort. This hotel is extremely fun because the monorail passes directly through it which is unlike any other hotel I have ever been in. Also, the hotel’s amenities are amazing and extensive with two restaurants, a bunch of shops, an enormous pool, and the Magic Kingdom as well as two other amazing hotels to explore beside it. The hotels may be my favorite parts about Disney World because of how much you can do without having to leave the grounds. I plan on spending quite a bit of time at the hotel and exploring everything there is to do.


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