Thomas Mayes: Class of 2014


Sergeant Thomas Mayes, Class of 2014 alumni

Carla Canessa, Social Media Editor

Thomas Mayes, a 2014 graduate of Santaluces, is now a Sergeant in the Army as a Mortar (in charge of an infantry unit’s most powerful weapon), and is on a path to join the Special Forces.

During his time in Santaluces, Thomas was a very active member at school and involved himself in extracurricular activities. He was in the top 5% in his class, and was in the National Science Honor Society. He was also very involved in sports and was a part of the football team, where he played as middle linebacker, defensive end and nose guard, and due to his atlethism he was nicknamed “Gump” after the fictional character Forrest Gump.

At school he was known as a charismatic and kind athlete, and enjoyed his school life.

“It was a great experience, and I made many friends there that I still speak to, to this day,” said Thomas. “I also met my beautiful wife during my junior year, and learned many things at Santaluces that I still apply to my daily life.”

After graduating, Thomas received many football scholarships, and attended Capital University in Ohio. Unfortunately, at the end of his sophomore year, he received a shoulder injury and was unable to continue playing football. He returned to Florida and worked at the Breakers Hotel before deciding to enlist in the Army.

In the Army he was in his element and won first place in competitions and received medals due to his skills in Mortar. He also went through many difficult rank-up tests to reach his Sergeant rank which he received this year.

“Being in the military has taught me that your mind is a powerful thing,” Thomas said. “And that once you learn to control it, you can achieve anything.”

Stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, Thomas is now on the path to join Special Forces and continue his career in the military.