Athlete Profile: Delcy Cazares

Delcy pictured (right) going for the ball.

Delcy pictured (right) going for the ball.

Madison Elia, Co-Editor

Senior Delcy Cazares; Soccer player, Flag football participant, and an overall student-athlete. She has been a 4 year athlete for both the girls varsity soccer team and the girls flag football team.

After Delcy graduates she will be attending Palm Beach State College. She will then look to transfer to another school to help her get her Bachelor Degree as a althetic trainor/ Physical therapist for athletes.

Delcy loves being an athlete, this made it easy for her to get an idea of what she wanted to do as a possible future career. Delcy had stated,

“I love both of the games, soccer mostly. It is my career and major choice that led me to wanting to help others within the sport and at the same time remain involved with it.”

Although Palm beach state college is limited in their sports teams, Delcy will be taking classes based upon her major choice leading up to when she will attend a university after she gets her associates at PBSC.

Besides seeing Delcy on the field you can find her in extracurricular activites such as Latinos in Action club and Education Rocks.

“I am secretary for both of the clubs and it makes me feel really good when I can help others and get involved in the community. I like taking on leadership roles on and off the field, it’s nice knowing that I am setting a good example for the younger generation and others around me”

What is some advice you would give to the younger generation of athletes?

“Beleive in yourself and at the same time keep pushing because as you getolder you will realize that no one is going to tell you to do so, even when times get hard trust the process, don’t give up!”