Athlete Profile: Techmy Narcisse

Tech on the field.

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Tech on the field.

Will Prichard, Staff Writer

Today, we did another Athlete Profile on a dual-sport athlete Techmy Narcisse, also known as Tech.

The first question we asked him was, “what does it mean to play sports at Santaluces?” Tech said, “It means a lot; we play with chips on our shoulders every day.”

We also asked how he prepares for both seasons. “Football is basically all-year round with Coach Hector, we really don’t stop. On the basketball side of things, it is much different when it comes to conditioning. In football, we have to have longevity but in basketball, it’s a lot of sprinting up and down the court.”

Then when we asked him to give underclassmen some advice, Tech went on to say “You have to really invest your time into your craft, and you have to know when to be serious and when to joke and that should help you in the long run.”