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After a tumultuous last few years, it was so refreshing to have a nice Thanksgiving with family.

My Thankful Thanksgiving

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer December 3, 2021

November 19th was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break, and I know everybody was thrilled not going to school for a week. I know I was. It gives us a break from all these different classes...

What are you thankful for this year?

The Tribe Gives Thanks

November 19, 2021

The Tribe shares their appreciation of what they're grateful for this year.

A bookshop, the sole protector of a channel to magnum opuses.

The Reality of Being a Bookworm

Janet Charqueno , Club Member November 16, 2021

A bookworm refers to an individual that is devoted and has grown fond of novels. For many, the need to escape the reality of humanity means to experience the feel of other realities. There is a multitude...

Cosmetology students often learn and practice on mannequins before testing their skills on a person.

The Beginning of Your Cosmetology Journey

Shayna Baker, Staff Writer November 3, 2021

Are you interested in any kind of field in Cosmetology? Did you know that you don’t have to wait until you graduate to pursue a career in Cosmetology. Palm Beach State College offers a 1200-hour program...

People gather in traditional clothing and face paint to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Anahi Estrada Tirado, Club Member November 1, 2021

Halloween is celebrated in many other countries, not just in the U.S., however, it's celebrated differently. In Mexico, they celebrate a day where families welcome back the souls of their deceased...

Do you think Harajuku fashion is for you?

Harajuku Fashion

Aniah Michelle Farrar, Club Member October 16, 2021

Have you ever heard of Harajuku Fashion? If not, then here's your chance to learn a few things about this colorful and creative clothing fashion that originated in Tokyo, Japan. Although you've most...

Do you believe digital clothing will become the new future of fashion?

Digital Clothing: The New Form of Fashion?

Vanessa Rios Flores, Club Member October 11, 2021

A newly founded fashion company has recently made its debut in the world of digital fashion. Nowadays, trending fashion appears to always be changing in the media. Whether it is trendy clothing from...

What are your favorite nail types?

Nailz, Nailz, Nailz…..

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer September 27, 2021

Hi, my loves. I wanted to reach out and say that I know many of us who love to go get our nails done haven't really been able to enjoy that calm and collected free time we love so much due to all the...

Students Are Investing in STEM

Students Are Investing in STEM

Azzurra Degliuomini, Editor September 22, 2021

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (abbreviated as STEM) is something that many students don’t feel inclined to lean towards, especially when it comes to the classroom. But, some students...

How did COVID-19 affect shopping for you?

How COVID-19 Affected Shopping

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer August 26, 2021

Over the past 17 months, the way we used to go and hang out at the mall just to spend hours finding a cute outfit for the next day has changed. Covid-19 has transformed the way we used to live. The...

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