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5 Adorable DIY Gifts for Your Valentine

saving for feb
Tristen Sanders
A digital poster for DIY Valentine’s gifts

Having trouble deciding what to get your Valentine?

Can’t think of any affordable gift options for Valentine’s Day?

You came to the right place! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I have put together a list of the 5 most adorable  DIY gifts for your valentine that are affordable. The majority of the things you will need for these gifts can be found at the Dollar Tree.

1.  Explosion Boxes

Now I’m sure you have heard of these before but they are simple and easy to make and most importantly make a great valentines gift. You could order one from Amazon and customize it or you could just make your own. Depending on how many layers you want is how many boxes you will need. I recommend at least 3 layers and a small box to leave in the center for a small gift. It is easiest to do this with any boxes that have 4-6  sides. While you are at the store, get your valentine their favorite candies and some decorative ribbon as well as a small gift to put in the center box.

Start by cutting the corners of each box’s sides and organizing them from big to small then lay them flat. You can decorate the top of the boxes with some decorative ribbon or a bow. Next, you can add pictures of you and your special someone to the inside of  the boxes or take tape or ribbon to secure your valentines favorite candies to the inside of the boxes, and you’re pretty much done.  You can continue to decorate and personalize the box or you can stop here and fold each box up, securing the sides with the top of the box. Lastly, add a bow or note for your valentine on top.

2. Candy Bouquets 

These unique candy bouquets are perfect for Valentine’s Day and easy to make.

Most of the items needed to make these can be found at the Dollar Store or Walmart. You will need a Valentine balloon on a stick, clear tape and/or hot glue, wooden skewers, a variety of candy and/or chips, a foam block/floral foam, or a Valentine’s bucket.

The back of any candy bars, packs of candy, or bags of chips can be taped to a wooden skewer and set aside. Now depending on what look you want, you could take a foam block and glue boxes of your Valentine’s favorite candy to all four sides. Or if you found a cute bucket to use as your base, you can cut the foam to fit into the bottom of the bucket or you could fill the bottom with colorful tissue paper/decorative shreds. Then arrange your candy skewers however you’d like and place your balloon on a stick towards the back side or in the middle of the bouquet. And you’re done!!

3. Hot Air Balloon Baskets

Your valentine will be in awe when they see this amazingly unique gift. All you will need is a Valentine-themed plastic basket, a pack of bubble balloons, foam block/floral foam, hot glue, twinkle lights or heart lights (optional), and some candy and other goodies you think your Valentine might like.

First off, blow up one of the bubble balloons, this will be your “hot air balloon” then tie it to a balloon steak. Place your foam block in the bottom of your basket and glue it in place (optional). Then glue the balloon steak to the foam block followed by decorative shreds or tissue paper to cover the bottom of the basket. And now the fun part, remove all the extra packaging from your Valentine’s goodies for a cleaner and more aesthetic look then arrange all of your goodies and candy in the basket topped with heart lights around the top of the basket to add a little extra cuteness.

4. Initial Gift Boxes

All you will need to make this creative gift box is a hollowed-out initial which can be found at Hobby Lobby, floral foam from Dollar Tree, and of course some candy and a couple of small goodies for your Valentine. Additionally, you’ll need hot glue, twine (optional), decorative shreds, and some artificial roses or your Valentine’s favorite flowers which you can also find at Hobby Lobby.

Start, by gluing the floral foam to the bottom on one side of the initial, if you decide to use real flowers instead of artificial ones you will need to soak the floral foam in water and then lay some sort of protective wrap where the flowers will be in the initial. Cut the majority of the flower stems off leaving about an inch of it on the flowers, then you will arrange the flowers to your liking. Now, add the decorative shred to the other side of the initial and arrange the candy and goodies to your liking. To make this even better you can write a love letter to your special someone and secure it on top with some completely optional twine but I think it gives a cuter appearance to tie the letter down with some twine in one of the ends of the initial.

5. Scrapbook of Love 

I’m sure you have seen these cute and romantic scrapbooks on TikTok before and yes it does require some effort but it is definitely worth it. If you and your valentine have been together for a while this is the perfect gift. All you will need is a small scrapbook, printed pictures of you and your significant other, colored construction paper, markers, pens, scissors, and glue.

Now this gift idea is a bit more personal, so a lot of the design options are completely up to you but I know it is sometimes difficult to figure out what you should start with when making things like scrapbooks. So I have put together a couple of cool ideas you can incorporate in your scrapbook of love.

On the first page of your scrapbook, you can write a paragraph about when you and your significant other met, what you thought of them, how you knew they were the one for you, etc. followed by pages with pictures and your fondest memories of the months you have been together leading up to your anniversary.

You could also take two pieces of construction paper in the color of your choice, and fold both of them in half vertically. Then place one inside of the other still folded take a pencil and trace out half of a heart. Now, take your scissors and cut along the heart you traced then cut them in half and cut some triangles out of one side of the heart making it appear broken glue it to one side of the scrapbook page then glue the other heart down, still folded but facing the same direction as the other heart. At the top of the page write “you make my.” Then open the other heart and glue a picture of you and your valentine to the side that is glued to the page and write “heart completed” on the other side of the heart.

I hope this list of Valentine’s gifts I put together is helpful for those who don’t know what to get or  do for their special someone on Valentine’s Day. And I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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Tristen Sanders
Tristen Sanders, Staff Writer
Hi!, my name is Tristen Sanders. This will be my second year on the Tribe and in Florida since moving here from Nashville, Tennessee! I’m a Junior here at Santaluces and I love art, music, and cooking. I’m excited to see what this year will bring!

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