Worst Twerk Fail Video a Hoax

We all laughed. We all said how ridiculous she looked. Some of us even blamed Miley Cyrus performance with Robin Thicke. When the video of Caitlin Heller Twerking on a door then falling and catching fire was posted on the internet, many people couldn’t ignore it and had to watch. People were curious to see the worst twerking fail ever. The video got as many as nine million hits. When you watch the video you can’t help but think why it cuts off towards the end. Well, the truth behind this twerking video was revealed last week. “To the conspiracy theorist on the internet who thought the video was a fake: you were right it was fake,” Jimmy Kimmel said on his show, after showing the extended versioh, which features Kimmel with a fire extinguisher. The girl from the video who we thought was Caitlin Heller is actually Daphne Avalon, a stuntwoman. She was sworn to secrecy and denied any interviews she was asked to do. For the people who thought it was Miley Cyrus’s fault, the video of Daphne Avalon twerking was actually published two months ago.