Lost without GRAVITY


Imagine being thrown into the endless darkness of space, where no one can hear your screams. This is just one of the many disasters taking place in the movie Gravity.

Gravity, which released October 4th, is an intense movie about disaster striking in outer space, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Parts of the movie represent what really happens in space. Many things can go wrong; your air can run out and you can internally combust or the space ship could just blow up.  Director and writer, Alfonso Cuaron, said in a press conference the day before the movie’s release that he wanted to capture the truth about space and the law of physics; he wanted to portray the truth.

The movie captures every detail about space, and makes you feel involved in the movie. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney gave a great performance that captures your full attention, such as his character Matt Kawolski being thrown out of the shuttle because of a misfire launch, and floating out into the great beyond without signal. Clooney plays the pilot of the movie and Bullock as the scientific analyst, Ryan Stone Tons of graphics are used, such as the gory faces and torn limbs of the victims. The majority of the time, the trailer makes the movie look better than it is, but that’s not the case with Gravity.

The movie is a heart-pounding thriller that doesn’t allow your eyes to leave the screen. The constant flow of suspension and anticipation throughout the movie, keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. Not knowing what’s going to happen next is part of the thrill. I definitely recommend seeing Gravity.