Her Guitar is Suite

Essentially, independent music doesn’t normally get the recognition it deserves, but when I listened to “Playing her Guitar Suite,” I knew that this was something everyone had to listen to.

Each time I listened to the album, I got a different vibe. I noticed that the way I felt before listening to the songs determined how I interpreted the melodies and the smooth play through.

The first song is more of a warm-up to the other one’s; the soft guitar notes mixed with an overlay of other instruments. The second continues almost exactly where the first left off except without the words. By this point, you’re already in a trance of happiness ,and your mind is on an adventure. To me it felt like my emotions were riding on this roller coaster to nowhere and they were just enjoying the ride. The third song is more of a big finale. Throughout the other songs, there’s secretly been this build up and suspense. The guitar makes an even bigger appearance and almost takes over when it feels like the whole thing is a solo.

If the four artists meant to make an album that would capture the embodiment of taking your mind past the limits of where your body couldn’t follow, they completed their mission.  The songs are great separately, but to get that once in a lifetime experience that is almost unexplainable, you have to listen to the trilogy known as “Playing her Guitar Suite.”