XBOX One: The Five-Hundred Dollar Brick

During the summer, both next generation consoles, Sony’s Ps4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, tried to appeal to their respective audiences. For the longest time, it seemed as though Microsoft had the upper hand, until they revealed the price.

Microsoft revealed that their new system would cost $100 more than their competitor’s system, making it $500.  This instantly turned off many potential buyers and did not tip the scale in their favor.

With Sony’s next generation system dropping today, people are lining up in all electronic stores waiting to get their highly anticipated product. But only half of the next generation audience is satisfied. Microsoft’s Xbox One is scheduled to drop a week from today (November 22), and it seems like it’s going to hardly live up to the hype of its Sony counterpart.

According to Machinima, one of the biggest suppliers of gaming and electronic entertainment, the Xbox One has a major chance of not working on day one. Before gamers can enjoy their new games, they have to download an update. Basically, you have to hook up your Xbox to the internet before you can even think about creating an account. Until then, your Xbox is about as useful as a cardboard box.

Along with that, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to receive constant internet flow through the system. All of these problems make the Xbox One seem unappealing to many people.

“Im getting the PS4,” said Michael Vicente. “I like the controls.”

The PS4 is definitely the dominant system as of this moment, but with only a week until distribution, there’s still time to fix these errors.  If Microsoft cares anything about their loyal fans, they’ll listen to their cries and change what’s needed.