The Governor is Back

AMC’s hit series, Breaking Bad, ended not too long ago, but the deceased, flesh-eating monsters are back to fill that hole. The fourth season of The Walking Dead has returned and the zombies aren’t the only ones doing the killing.

The season’s first episode premiered a few weeks ago, and to my dismay, it was a flat-out disappointment. The plot was weak, confusing and very little had happened in the hour it was given.

But in a couple weeks’ time, the episodes started getting progressively better. The group had more to worry about than just zombies. Now, an outbreak of an unknown disease has infected several members of the group, causing them to become fatally ill.

This eventually led to the first climatic twist of the season in which the prison is invaded by mass amounts of zombies that broke through the prison fences. Rick and his son, Carl, do some father-son bonding while protecting the camp in a mass-murdering-zombie spree. Meanwhile, inside the prison, the quarantined sick are dropping like flies and are turning into zombies one by one, leaving Hershel, the one-legged makeshift doctor, defenseless. Luckily, Maggie comes just in time to save him from his ultimate doom and decides to stay with him and her sick boyfriend, Glenn, to help nurse him and the others back to health.

At the end of that episode, the moment all The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for had finally arrived. The camera slowly pans to the left where the Governor can be seen watching the prison from a distance. Yes, guys. The Governor is back! We last left him in season 3 with him and his crew driving out into the distance after Andrea’s fatal death.

When this 20 second scene appeared, my dad and I basically fell out of our chairs, screaming giddily with joy. To be honest, I absolutely despised the Governor. Last season, I’d scream at my TV a countless number of times because his face just repulsed me. But, needless to say, he made the show, and I don’t know if I’d still be watching the show if it weren’t for him.

In the episode following the Governor’s return, we learn a lot about the Governor’s “soft side” and get to connect with him on a more emotional level. We realize that a underneath all of that brutality and cruelty he has pent up inside of him, there lies a heart- especially for a little girl who reminds him of Penny, his deceased daughter.

Next week’s episode previews him and his life at a new camp in which he rejoins some of his old crew members. Unfortunately, this means that the writers are going to kill us with the anguish of what his arrival at the prison camp means for the fate of Rick and the rest of the gang.