Colbert Taking Over For Letterman

David Letterman has been the host for The Late Show for quite a while now, but he took America for surprise when he announced that he’s retiring from the show sometime in 2015. This had everyone questioning, “Who would replace Letterman?”

CBS has announced that Letterman’s replacement will be The Colbert Report’s, Stephen Colbert. Colbert has been hosting The Colbert Report since 2005, which consist of a comedic twist to political news. Although he is known for his satirical character on the show, he won’t play the same Stephen on The Late Show. The show will show more of what Colbert can do with as himself, rather than a political comedian.

Letterman is pretty happy to hear the news, saying, “I’m very excited for him, and I’m glad CBS chose him.”

With Colbert becoming a late night host, it leaves him competing with the 11:30 time slot of his current show. It means The Colbert Report will be no more and he won’t have Jon Stewart as a lead-in anymore.

Stewart commented on the announcement saying “He’s wonderful in The Colbert Report, but he’s got gears he hasn’t even shown people yet.”

Even though CBS found a new host, that doesn’t mean Letterman is gone yet. Colbert’s premiere date for The Late Show will be announced when Letterman determines his final broadcast in 2015.