The Best DLC I’ve Never Played

The Best DLC Ive Never Played

After a long wait, I’ve finally watched a Let’s Play of Left Behind, a DLC (downloadable content, an addition to the story line which can be purchased separately) of the Playstation 3 exclusive game The Last of Us.

Just like I did for The Last of Us, I watched VintageBeef, my favorite YouTuber’s Let’s Play. To say the least, I was surprised, disappointed, and satisfied with the series.

As always, the commentary was spectacular, but the game itself, was full of surprises.

Throughout the game, you never stray from Ellie’s point of view. It takes place before and throughout the original time frame of The Last of Us, which took me until nearly the end to completely understand.

The part of the story that takes place before Ellie meets Joel is centered around Ellie’s relationship with her best friend, Riley. After Riley surprises Ellie by her presence and Firefly status, they venture around an abandoned mall. They spend their time at the mall playing with masks, water-guns, and fighting infected. Oh, and there was a kiss too. Before beginning the series, I probably would have been very surprised by this, but seeing the relationship between the two girls as the series went along made it more expected. If you played or watched Left Behind and enjoyed this sense of the story-line, I recommend Gone Home.

Although the ending was a huge cliffhanger, I was glad they showed how Ellie was infected.

The story taking place during the time frame of Left Behind was centered around Ellie caring for Joel after his injury that was seen in The Last of Us, also known as the most graphic scene in the game. I thought this nod towards the original game made the DLC more in-depth, and not to mention longer. My only complaint was how short the DLC still was.

Overall, this DLC has only made me want more, and then more after that. The series emphasizes the importance of friendship and loyalty while telling a heart-warming and heartstring-pulling story. Before I watched The Last of Us or Left Behind, I thought it would be just a game about some whiny girl with some old guy fighting zombies; but it ended up being so much more than that.