Netflix’s New Plans


Netflix has been the king of video streaming ever since digital streaming became available. Although Netflix has been making money and has little competition, it’s not enough for them to take on.

Netflix has announced that they are planning a collaboration with cable companies to be able to be available on various cable boxes. What this means is that select cable companies will have a channel that allows you to access your Netflix without switching to another device.

Netflix also announced that a $1-2 price increase will eventually come in the future. The price increase is to allow the company to bring in more hit movies and to create new shows. Netflix has made some hit shows already, such as “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black.”

“If we want to continue to expand, to do more great original content, more series, more movies, we have to eventually increase prices a little bit,” said Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

Netflix is most likely going to need more content, especially with services, such as Hulu which also has original content such as “Battleground,” “Behind the Mask,” and “Mind Games.” Hopefully, Netflix will succeed with their plans as they are not the only ones playing in the sandbox anymore.

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