America’s Got New Judges

Ethan Jayne, Staff Writer

America’s Got Talent judges have received a shakeup.

Heidi Klum and Mel B who both have been on the show for several years have decided to part ways with the show resulting in two new spots for judges

The judges to replace them? Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough.

Gabrielle Union has played roles in several smaller scale movies and kids shows, such as The Lion Guard. Julianne Hough is no newcomer to the talent show industry. She’s played a part in Dancing with the Stars, and other major productions such as Rock of Ages and Grease: Live.

America’s Got Talent is a show where contestants preform for a panel of judges. These acts can be anything from singing and dancing, to danger acts where people shoot themselves out of cannons. These acts, once they get past the two judges rounds, move forward to the live shows, where they must preform live, putting immense pressure on the acts. At this point the viewers vote, and several shows later an act is crowned the champion.

As for the show, the new judges offer a fresh face. With new judges, comes new opinions on acts. Each judge has their own personality, and judges acts in their own unique way. Simon Cowell offers more of a serious approach and can be dubbed as the ‘mean’ judge, whereas Howie Mandel offers a more comedic approach to his judging style and can be more lenient with letting acts through to the next round.

The judges are not the only new faces however. Terry Crews, a host who first made his appearance on AGT: The Champions is here to stay, and will make his debut as a host for the regular show later this year.

America’s Got Talent new season will premiere later this year. As usual, it is destined we will see new acts that we have never seen before.