Friendship Guide


Andrea Valle, Jessica Crotchfelt, and Mickayla Richards have been friends since freshman year.

You can be friends with someone from elementary school, middle school, or even during high school. But in high school, people change and you have to decide if you still want to call them friends. Here’s what every friendship needs in order to survive and thrive:

No negativity zone – You have to make sure that there is no negativity. If every encounter you have with this “friend” has a negative vibe, then this friendship is not for you. Having a constant negative feel lingering over a friendship is toxic.

Same page – You have to make sure that you and this friend are on the same page. Surround yourself with people who have the same motivation as you. For example, school-wise. If you are always on time with your work and your friend never turns anything in, that’s not good. You need someone who turns in everything on time and has the same mindset as you. Otherwise, they’re just going to bring you down.

Support system – Your true friend needs to be your support. If something great happens to you, you need someone who is going to say good job! Not someone who is going to be envious. Another way to describe a support system is someone who is consistent in being there for you. If something bad happens, you need a shoulder to cry on, or even just a listening ear. They have to be that person you can call at any time, and talk about anything.

Honest – Make sure that you’re always comfortable enough around this person to say what’s on your mind. Honesty is extremely crucial in a friendship; you shouldn’t have to change yourself or feel like you have to be something that you’re not. You also shouldn’t feel like you have to be cautious of how you feel or what you say to this person.

Fun – The main reason you would befriend someone is because you either have fun with them or have fun talking to them. If you don’t have fun with a friend then what’s the point?

All in all, these are just a few things that should be seen in a friendship, if they’re not there, then something might not be right.