Summer Reading, Yes, It’s Required


Zion Frost, Staff Writer

Most students turn up their noses to the idea of having to read a book during the summer. Whether reading is a hobby for a students or they despise it, summer reading can seem like homework and a chore.

Still, most English classes require it, especially AICE courses. For example for AICE English Language class, students are required to read “Of Mice and Men” and for AICE General Paper, they are required to read choose an autobiography and complete a project for it. Seniors going into English IV had to read “The Importance of Being Earnest.” However, these books are either very short reads, classics, or chosen by the student, so the purpose of summer reading is not only to keep students’ brains active over their break, but perhaps even introduce something to them they hadn’t known would interest them.

Reading over the summer can actually help you out on standardized tests like the PSAT, ACT, and SAT. While being exposed to reading, the students can practice reading faster which could help them out on standardized tests. Chances are no matter which class you’re in your English teacher will require you to read over the summer.