Floridian Freak Out


Yudibel Ortiz, Staff Writer

BREAKING NEWS, Florida drops twenty degrees, and everyone brings out the winter clothes.

Living in the Sunshine State gives us our perks, like the fact that we have only two seasons – too hot, or too cold, no in between. The occasional seventy degree weather that hits us during the end of October and the beginning of November is the only exception.

During this time is when Floridians start acting like it’s too cold to do anything, but imagine living in a city up north where it actually is too cold to function. Cities like New York and Chicago, where past winters have dramatically dropped to below zero, where the streets get so cold schools are canceled. Floridians can’t imagine the weather being too cold to have school because we live in Florida, where the sun is always on our side.

We freak out over the slightest change in season and act like the cold is going to stop us from continuing our daily activities. We go out and buy all these new and expensive sweaters and jackets, that we might only wear twice in the entire season. Girls go out and buy their little boots to keep their toes warm in the morning, and by noon, they’re suffocating under all the warm clothing they’re wearing.

“Florida needs to get it together,” said senior Lucy Tabora. “Either you’re going to be hot or you’re going to be cold. Make up your mind.”

According to weather reporters, this weekend South Florida will experience record breaking low temperatures on Sunday, November 2nd. Temperatures are set to drop to a “freezing cold” fifty degrees, with winds blowing in at around sixteen miles per hour. So when most of these Floridians wake up that day they’re going to feel as if they’re in Antarctica. Be prepared for the long lines at coffee shops and all the weather complaints that will pop up on your social media feeds from your friends and family.

Don’t get too excited though, temperatures will be up and rising again on Monday, November 3rd, back to our regular seventy five degrees. And you can also expect more weather complaints over how Florida needs to stop being so bipolar.

The only thing you should be worrying about this weekend is whether to put on some sunscreen or winter boots.