Celebrity scandal: So What?


Yudibel Ortiz

Living in a world controlled  by media, one can never be so sure on what’s going to happen next, or what the new scandal might be.  For instance, when celebrities get a little too comfortable with their own lives and try to be themselves, they can’t. As soon as a “role model” does something “wrong” or “inappropriate” with their lives, the media is quick to attack and judge them for it. Have you ever noticed how the media only focuses on the bad things celebrities do but never the good ?

When Miley Cyrus decided to change up her style of living and even her style of music, everyone freaked out. The media loves change, they love it. However, they don’t look for the good change in people, only the bad.

Why can’t anyone talk about Kim Kardashians work with orphans, or her charities, instead of her naked photo shoot? Or maybe instead of talking about Amanda Bynes’ life going downhill, why doesn’t anyone ever mention Nicole “Snookie” Pollizi’s incredible transformation from an alcoholic party girl, to a loving, caring mother and wife.

These mistakes the celebrities make, are honestly something any normal person would do. So why is it such a big deal? Why don’t we just let celebrities entertain us with their shows, music, and other talents rather than their lives? I guess you can say “the thirst is real,” when it comes to a camera man and a normal, but more known, human being.