Awkward Tenth Grade Year

Awkward Tenth Grade Year

Colleen Rock, Staff Writer

Remember back in seventh grade, when you were in the middle year, awkwardly getting through school? That basically sums up the tenth grade. You’re not quite a expert at school, and you’re not quite a beginner. It’s the awkward in-between.

Sophomore year is when you are really transitioning into a high school student. It’s the start of figuring out what future classes to take. Along with slowly maturing into juniors, which will most likely happen towards the end, it’s one of the two “important years” of high school. It’s the year where you set up the base for your GPA, so that when Junior year approaches and colleges begin filling your mailbox, you won’t feel stressed.

When an adult asks you what grade you’re in and you reply with tenth, they don’t have much to say back. This is the year where nothing is really happening. In the four years of high school, you can tell the level of importance by the responses.

  • Freshman year is the beginning. This is the year to get used to high school, so they’re often asked:”How do you like high school?”
  • Sophomore: “Oh really? That sucks.”
  • Juniors: “What’s you GPA? Have you started looking at colleges? Are you bringing your grades up to get into college?”
  • Then Seniors: “What colleges did you apply to? What are you going to major in?”

Tenth grade is just that year where you just sit smack dab in the middle, just like seventh grade. Just without the huge puberty spurt, and over-use of memes.