Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Marie Bobb

Here comes the holidays, where shopping is the main thing on many minds. Most people want to wait until Black Friday to get the greatest sales, but are they really getting what they want?

Many students came back from the break disappointed about the deals they were offered on Black Friday and insisted that they would redeem themselves by shopping online for Cyber Monday.

“I rather shop online,” said Ashanda Cox, a sophomore. “Because there’s no point of waking up early for something that can be shipped to me.”

On the other hand, adults highly enjoyed this Friday because the deals on electronics were on an all time high. Most of my aunts and uncles were super excited for the electronics, while me and my cousins care more about Cyber Monday. From these results, I’ve made the conclusion that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are definitely in competition.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where most stores open around 12 in the morning, or the afternoon of Thanksgiving, and they have extreme sales and deals. For some reason, this year’s Black Friday was only a success in the electronic section and didn’t do so well when it came to clothing and shoes.

According to Fox News, the percentage of Black Friday sales went down 11 percent, the biggest drop since way back in the day.

Cyber Monday is when online stores have intense sales and majority of these sales are on clothing items. According to comScore Inc, this Cyber Monday broke the record for the most online sales of all time.

In my opinion,  I completely understand why this Cyber Monday was a success. Many people, including me, are starting to realize that Black Friday is mainly for electronics. Teens, who just got their credit cards, are the ones to go wild when it comes to Cyber Monday, since they don’t have much else to spend money on this time of year.

Overall I think that this year and the years to come Cyber Monday is overcoming Black Friday in a major way. As the Cyber Monday sales increase, the Black Friday sales are decreasing. To be honest, I believe it will be like this for many years to come.