How Bad is Having Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out?

Shuruq Daas spends her Spring Break nursing her swollen face and posting on social media.

How Bad is Having Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out?

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Unlike those who soaked up the beautiful sun during Spring Break, I was laying down in my bed enjoying blood, soup and Yoplait yogurt for a straight five days because my dentist took out all four of my wisdom teeth. As embarrassing as it is now, I documented my journey on Snapchat AND Twitter. The video of me crying, babbling and looking as drugged as I felt hit social media through my own phone

Before going into surgery, I had heard stories from friends telling me the aftermath would not be pleasant. Already worried and anxious, I went to the doctor’s office, sat in my chair, and all of a sudden, my surroundings went black.

I woke up and found myself in my car, my Dad driving. How did I get there and when did I wake up from surgery? I had absolutely no idea. The video I recorded unconsciously during the drive home shows me in a state of delusion and confusion because I was given laughing gas, oxygen through my nose and intravenous anesthesia.

For most surgeries, the patient is still conscious; in my case, as I told the doctor before the surgery I was worried. So he took the extra measure and put me to sleep. I was talking gibberish and remember being overcome with many emotions. Here is a video showing me fresh out the surgery.


Laying in bed for the next five days was uncomfortable and annoying. I could not eat the foods I desired and felt dizzy quite a lot. However, as much discomfort that came with removing my wisdom teeth, I have videos that are great to go back to and laugh at. And, I do not have to worry about my wisdom teeth in the future.