10 Bands and Why We’ve Liked Them


Angelina Garcia and Colleen Rock

In no particular order, these are the bands that at one point we’ve liked, and some that we still like- especially the last two, which are both of our current favorite bands.

11. Black Veil Brides

As a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, the last thing you may be expecting is a band dressed up in black, with faces painted with makeup. Similar to the famous band, Kiss. They’ve been around since 2006, and they’ve served as a starting point for many people first getting into the world of present-day alternative rock and post-hardcore music. If the only song you know from them is their 2010 song Knives and Pens, it could be surprising just how much they’ve changed since then, mostly when it comes to toning things down a notch. No more face makeup for lead singer Andy Biersack, and no more crazy hair. Their new songs sound more like some of their musical inspirations, Kiss and Mötley Crüe. It’s safe to say that our liking of this band was more or less a phase.

10. Asking Alexandria

From England, this band has a very different style when compared to their friends, Black Veil Brides. They were like one of those bands that you hear about, decide to look up, and end up liking a song or two. Few people seem to have the courage to tell their friends about liking this band, or even worse, playing it out loud for them to hear- it’s like an acquired taste, and not everyone can enjoy how intense and lyrically inappropriate they can be. However, former lead singer Danny Worsnop left the band earlier this year, to move on with his more recently formed band, We Are Harlot. The band has a much different sound, and they are more on the hard rock side, and less on the… Asking Alexandria side.

9. Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate has been around since 2005, and they have dealt with a whole lot of band drama. After former lead singer Ronnie Radke was forced out of the band after going to jail, he and current lead singer Craig Mabbit, loathed each other for years. It wasn’t until last year until they finally decided to bury the hatchet, on their Bury the Hatcher tour. Whether it’s “old Escape the Fate” or “new Escape the Fate,” they have an interesting sound. Some songs are slower, some songs are faster, and some seem to have more drum solos than others. Escape the Fate may not be the band that you’re embarrassed to like, but they’re not nearly as popular as they used to be, and our phases of liking them seem to come and go.

8. Falling in Reverse

It seems like wherever Ronnie Radke goes, his fans will follow. After leaving Escape the Fate and being released from jail, it didn’t take Radke long to go on and make a band of his own in 2010. It took them no more than two months to create their debut album, which is noticeably different than their newer album. Their first album, The Drug in Me is You, when compared to their more recent album, Fashionably Late, sounds a lot more like rock music. Fashionably Late definitely has a more rap vibe to it, which longtime fans may or may not seem some adjusting to.

7. A Day to Remember

A band that we very much still like. From our home state of Florida, A Day to Remember was formed in 2003. They’ve experienced some hardships as a band, including the trouble when it came to releasing their last album, Common Courtesy. Despite that, though, they’ve remained a band for almost 12 years, and their lyrics continue to remain meaningful.

6. All Time Low

Also formed in 2003, All Time Low was formed among high school friends. They’re one of the only bands on this list that to this day, still consists of all of their original members. They’ve released five albums so far, with another on the way this year. Known for their jokes on stage, All Time Low is known to be one of the jokesters of the band world, and they even starred on the show Silent Library on MTV. From their 2007 song  Dear Maria to their 2012 song A Love Like War, they seem to continue to release songs that will probably be stuck in your head all day.

5. Sleeping With Sirens

While fighting controversies over Kellin Quinn’s attitude towards fans and his role in the band, millions of people know of and love this band. Whether you think Kellin sounds like a girl or you’re on the verge of worshipping him, pretty much most of everybody who likes rock music has heard of them. They’re one of the bands that seem to have a constantly changing sound.

4. Pierce the Veil

Just like Kellin Quinn, lead singer of Pierce the Veil, Vic Fuentes, is often accused of sounding like a girl. It may take new fans some time to adjust to his voice, but that doesn’t seem to bother the millions upon millions of people that look up to them. They haven’t released an album since 2012, and fans are definitely getting antsy for something new, as they promised.

3. Bring Me the Horizon

This band has been around since 2004, and they were formed England, with the name of their band coming from a quote from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. There’s no doubt that they’ve also had a change of sound, like a few others on this list. A fan of their newer album or not, it’s far more tame than their first couple. Clearly they’ve gained many fans because of this album, seeing as it’s the one that has gained the most profit.

2. Hands Like Houses

When it comes to Hands Like Houses, there’s no need for the past-tense “we’ve” because they’re still great, they’ve always been great, and I’m sure they’re going to continue being great for a long, long time. Despite having been formed in 2008, the band has released an album every year since the debut of their first album, Ground Dweller. Whenever I (Angelina) mention them to someone, of course nobody seems to know who they are at all. If you’re one of those people, listen to them, and I doubt you’ll regret it.

1.  You Me At Six

Although not from the same part as Bring Me the Horizon, You Me at Six is from England. They have a sound that’s not like any other band out there, and I (Colleen) don’t think I’ve heard a song from them that I don’t like. I just love every song from their Sinners Never Sleep album, which is probably their most well-known album so far. It even features Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon, one of the band’s close friends. I like them, so you should too.