Kylie Jenner’s Black Face Scandal


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

All the rage about her lips and the whole “Tyga” situation was put to rest as a new controversy was brought up. This past weekend, Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner posted multiple pictures on her Instagram that appeared to be altered into a darker shade resembling a dark skin tone.

By the comments on these pictures, it showed that many black viewers of these images felt targeted and offended. Many of the comments stated that these pictures were a form of black face which is highly inappropriate for Instagram.

“What I wish I looked like all the time,” was the caption that really made it seem as though she was referring to black face. After that picture she posted another stating, “This is a black light and neon lights, let’s all calm down,” Many still didn’t feel as though that was a good enough excuse because the harsh comments continued.

To get rid of all the accusations, Jenner took it to Twitter stating, “Yes, in another world I wish I could have pink hair & blue eyes & covered in sparkles. But in this world I’m happy [with] the way God created me. Happy Easter everybody.”

This 17-year-old teen has had a very scandalous year so far, and many of these situations have been started by Instagram posts. Maybe she needs a break from the internet?